Monday, September 24, 2012

Vallejo Paints & Citadel, PP, Reaper equivalents

I really like Vallejo paints.  Everything I've come across is quality.  Their primers are some of the best products on the market.  That said, there are a LOT of colors available and there is some overlap between their paint lines.  Admittedly, I'm a bit of a completest, tending toward OCD.  That means I want all of the colors.  All of them.  To that end, I put together a list of the Vallejo paints along with some of their equivalents.   

I started with this fantastic table that is intended to be a cross-reference for Citadel paints and expanded it to include the three lines of Vallejo paints.  I added the paints along with swatches of their color.  This shows the overlap between the different lines - Game Color, Model Color, and Model Air.  

Model Color includes most of the original 72 Game Color line but does not include the newest 15-20 that have been added.  Relatively, there isn't much overlap between the Model Air line and the other two.  With all that said, here's a link to the spreadsheet.  Since you can't normally sort a Google spreadsheet without having edit capability, I created three tabs, each sorted on a different paint line. 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Combine Melee/Combined Ranged Attacks - a spreadsheet

Link to the Spreadsheet

When I started playing with units that had the combined melee/combine range attack ability, I was generally confused about how to configure my attacks to be the most effective.  If I want to take down a heavy, should I lump everyone into a single attack?  It turns out, no, not always.  It may even be different if you're benefiting from an extra dice for charging.  If I want to use my Long Gunners to kill as many Iron Fang Pikemen in a turn, how many should I group up?  What about against Fennblades?  Actually, the answer is different for each.

Against a single target, it's a little more straight-forward than against multiple targets.  We're just concerned about piling as much damage into one guy that typically has high armor.

For multiple targets, assuming your goal is take as many targets off of the table as you can, you also have to factor in the target's health.

The spreadsheet allows you to enter stats for the attacker and defender along with the configuration of the CRA/CMA.  I sometimes refer to that as CXA.  The results tell you how much damage to expect against a single target or how many models you're likely to kill in a single activation.  Any number of attackers can be represented, up to 10.  I'll probably need to increase that to allow for some of the unit attachments.  We also don't take into account the slightly better stats of some of the officer attachments.

To use the spreadsheet:

After clicking on the link, select 'File->Make a Copy' to copy the file to your own Google Drive.  Once there, you can make all the changes you like.

Link to the Spreadsheet