Tuesday, December 27, 2011

35 pt. Domination List

There's an upcoming Domination event at my LGS and I'm trying to get together a 35 pt army to field.  I already had a Circle battlebox ready, but that means I still need another 20+ points.  I decided to build and paint up the following to supplement the battle box:

Wolves of Orboros (6 man)
Wolves UA
Lord of the Feast

I should mention that I have three weeks to get them done.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Circle of Orboros warpack

I finished up the Circle of Orboros starter warpack this week. They turned out ok. I'm still not ready to paint eyes on the humans so they just get some shading in their sockets. I picked up some GW flock and used it for the grass. I'm really happy about the way it turned out. The flock has 3-4 different colors in it and they really complement the colors in the Circle figures.

I should probably go back and add some highlights to the gold armor since I've just added a matte varnish (Dullcote).  But, I wanted to get them table-ready for this weekend.

The warpack




Feral Warpwolf

Feral Warpwolf

Feral Warpwolf

Argus (stalking)
Argus (leaping)

Argus (leaping)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tool addtions - pt 1

Let's be honest, this won't be the last post on new tools.

Tiny drill bits
I picked up a pack of mini drills along with a chuck for my Bosch screwdriver.  I expect a series of broken bits in my future until I get the knack down.

 I'm getting really, really tired of hand-drilling pinning holes.  I am a firm advocate of pinning, and would continue to do so even if I didn't have this baby.  I haven't tried it yet, but will do so as soon as I get into the next building session.

Micro drill chuck

Lastly, I ordered a new lamp.  It's the same one that PP uses in their studios.  I'm currently using a CFL Reveal bulb in a spot desk lamp but it's pretty flaky and the spot light can be a bit harsh.  I used to have a lamp just like this one and I liked it a lot.

Lite Source LSF-150BLK

Lite Source LSF-150BLK

Friday, October 7, 2011

Standing Stones

I started painting the standing stones this week.  These fantastic models were my reference.  I thought these hunks of stone would be rather easy, but it hasn't gone that way so far. 

I started by priming black (gesso, actually) and that worked out great.  Then I applied a base coat of Bastion Grey to the whole thing.  That looked too dark and lackluster, but I proceeded ahead.  Next I made a wash of Bastion Grey and Thamar Black in an attempt to add contrast to all the neat cracks and nooks in the model.  I made the wash too thin and it just made the crevices look muddy.  In attempt to "repair" the damage, I made a much stronger wash of plain Thamar Black and applied it explicitly to the recessed details.  This did make for an improvement in contrast, but now the stones are way too dark.  I tried dry-brushing with Bastion Grey but by now it's too late.  I decided that I'd start over with a fresh coat of Bastion Gray but after that, all of the crisp details from the engraving are being lost due to build-up of paint in the corners.

I'm about to strip the models and start over.  The up-side is that I learned a lot from the experience.

The stripping went pretty well.  I used Simple Green in a 3-soak process.  I soaked for 2 hours then scrubbed them with a toothbrush in the sink.  This got 90% of the paint and primer off without seeming to affect the green-stuff and glue I used to adhere them to the bases.  Not satisfied with the remaining 20%, I left them for another couple of hours and repeated the scrubbing process.  This removed a little more paint, but I still wasn't happy with the results.  Finally, I decided to leave them soaking overnight.  The next day I poure them out and went to it one last time with the brush.  A few little spots of primer were left in the crevices, but I called it good enough.  Next I'll re-prime and start over.

While I waited on this to happen, I started on an Argus from the Circle of Orboros warpack.  I may start a separate thread for that guy.

*Update - 11/10/11*
Here are some pictures of the completed models.  I'm really pleased with how the grass turned out on the bases.
Standing Stones

Standing Stones